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TED - Books App

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Think of them as CliffNotes for ideas and innovations you can't get anywhere else. The TED's Books App feature pieces shorter than full novels, but longer than your typical news article, all selected for their ability to feed your craving for ideas and perspectives from thought leaders from every corner of the globe. According to TED, "A TED Book is to a book as a TEDTalk is to a lecture: It's shorter and more personal, more direct and engaging," meaning that in the time it takes for you to make your morning commute or wait to get your oil changed, you can expand your understanding of the world via an article no longer than 20,000 words. The TED Books App integrates rich images, audio, video, social features, and links to other content into the text, giving you a broader view of the topic or allowing you to dive deeper when you feel the urge. Available for free, each TED Book is $2.99 or for $14.99 for a subscription that delivers two books a month for three months. Take a sneak peek at the App after the jump. via: CoolHunting