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Ewing Athletics 33 Hi

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Famed ESPN sports columnist Bill Simmons (aka the Sports Guy) is widely credited with disseminating the "Ewing Theory" sports meme, which describes a situation in which a team performs better once its franchise player leaves the lineup -- e.g., the Knicks defeated the Pacers in the '99 NBA playoffs to reach the championship round against San Antonio after center Patrick Ewing went down with an Achilles injury. Very soon, it won't be just the Sports Guy who keeps Ewing's name alive in the 21st century, as Ewing Athletics is primed to make a comeback. The brand's flagship product, the Ewing 33 Hi Retro, is set to re-launch in four OG colorways, including the requisite "home" and "away" New York Knicks styles. Look for the kicks to drop in August.

Release Date: August 2012