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Nike+ Basketball & Training Experience - Nike Stadium Berlin | Presented By PIGALLE

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There is saying that greatness comes not from overcoming momentous challenges, but from doing things that others can only dare to dream of. Now that dream is a bit closer to reality as Nike+ Basketball & Training Experience arrives at Nike Stadium Berlin. Situated at Gipsstr. 7 in Mitte, the Nike+ Basketball & Training Experience alters your workout routine into a virtual playground, where the goals you set and the daily nuances you're facing transform into obstacles. While you work up a sweat, Nike+ Sport Sensor gathers real-time data and match them to an understandable metrics of measurement. Be stronger, run faster, jump higher, and get to the level of greatness you only thought of just a while ago. For appointment to Nike+ Basketball & Training Experience in Nike Stadium Berlin, email and apply via: Its #GameOnWorld

Nike+ Basketball & Training Experience | Nike Stadium Berlin
Gipsstraße 7 | Map
Mitte 10119 Berlin, Germany

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