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Tattoo Nation - Documentary on American Tattoo History | Trailer


Tattoos may not be as taboo as it once used to be, however the evolution of the tattoo art form and industry began when revolutionary tattooist, Charlie Cartwright opened his Goodtime Charlie's Tattoo Parlor in East Los Angeles, back in 1975. Tattoo Nation delves deep into the roots of tattoo history in America, from sailor tattoos to prison tattoo, and to modern tattoos we see today. Danny Trejo is scheduled to narrate this film, and this documentary is packed with archived footages and interviews with iconic tattooists such as Jack Rudy, Freddy Negrete, Charlie Cartwright, Mister Cartoon, Mark Mahoney, Corey Miller, and Kate Hellenbrand to name but a few. Check out the intriguing trailer below, and the film is planned for a debut in October.