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Spike - Real Keyboards & Protective Cases for the iPhone | By SoloMatrix

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Even the most loyal iPhone user would have to admit typing on glass can at times be a challenging endeavor. Enter the Spike TypeSmart, a folding keyboard for the iPhone 4 and 4s from father and son outfit SoloMatrix. The fold-over physical QWERTY keyboard is built into a case for the phones, measuring less than a quarter-inch thick so it's unobtrusive when it's folded back and not in use. It's also the same size as the virtual keyboard underneath, the individual keys activated by the pressing of the tactile keyboard -- meaning, no Bluetooth or any other exterior power source. The project is up on KICKSTARTER now with 31 days and a little less than $24,000 to go. There you'll find three versions on offer: the Spike 1 has a flip-up keyboard, while the Spike 2 is equipped with a keyboard with a 360-degree hinge.  The limited edition Spike 3 is similar to the 2, but is made in the U.S.A. with an all aluminum, antenna neutral case, plus custom engraving on the back. Check out a video overview below.