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RoboCop - 2013 Remake | OmniCorp Teaser Website

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It seems like Sony Pictures is hell-bend on remaking all of the most recent sci-fi classics. Besides the current box office kind, The Amazing Spider-Man, and the upcoming Total Recall sans Arnold Schwarzenegger, the movie studio is readying production on RoboCop. A sci-fi action & thriller, director Paul Verhoeven immersed the 1987 film, as he did with the original Total Recall, with overwhelming gore and violence to serve as a satirical commentary on a very possible dystopia future. Though its too early to tell if the new director, José Padilha, the creator of the popular Brazilian police drama Elite Squad, would follow suit, the intrigue surrounding this reboot already has many top actors signed up, including Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, and Hugh Laurie of Dr. House fame. Additionally, Sony Pictures and its Columbia Pictures subsidiary created a fictional website for OmniCorp, the megacorporation that governed new Detroit if not the world, to enhance film's immersive plot line. The new RoboCop should in theaters late 2013.