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OpenROV - Open Source Underwater Robot

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OpenROV is a KICKSTARTER project that has crushed its original fundraising goal. How does something like that happen? Well, who doesn't want a DIY submarine kit that turns your normal, everyday trip out on the water into the next James Cameron deep sea mission? Capable of putting around at about a meter per second and able to go to depths of 300 feet, the OpenROV is the product of a San Francisco-based team committed to devloping an open-source technology to encourage more people to explore and learn more about our underwater world. KICKSTARTER comes in to help the team mass-produce the shoe-box sized robotic submarine, which is made from off-the-shelf parts that at-home users can put together and then go straight into exploring. If you want in on this, you better hurry - early DIY kits are already selling out, but it's not too late to get your hands on one of the first to be produced. Learn more on their KICKSTARTER homepage.