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Wolfpack Hustle - The Midnight Drag Race | Video

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Cali's premier cycling crew, the Wolfpack Hustle, is going legit, working with the City of Los Angeles to shut down the historic 2nd St. Tunnel for their first legally permitted race event, scheduled for July 28th at 8 pm. Structured in brackets, the core of the event will focus on a precision-timed all-out bike sprint race over 1000ft, where the top 16 men and women from the hundreds attempting to qualify will go head-to-head for the top prize. Riders will also get the chance challenge set-up grudge matches against long-time foes, finally giving them the chance to settle an old score for good. No pink-slips are involved, just bragging rights. Check out the trailer for the event after the jump and, if you have the cojones, you can register here.

Event Date:
 July 28th, 2012 (Saturday) | 8 pm