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Batman: The Batmobile Documentary - Official Trailer | Video

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Not only has it transcended through the mediums of comic books, TV series, and movies, the Batmobile is now itself a popular lore. Maybe because it humanized Batman, that beneath the advanced body armor and pointed ear mask is a person in need to get from Point A to Point B like the rest of us. Just that his mode of transport is a roving weapon station with a turbine engine.

With the world premiere of The Dark Knight Rises just days away, movie studio Warner Brothers and DC Comics took to opportunity and cast the spotlight on the Batmobile's importance to the franchise with The Batmobile Documentary. Announced during the San Diego Comic Con last week, the documentary highlights those who made the Batmobile a real-life possibility, from the 1960s' television series to the most recent trilogy by director Christopher Nolan. Directors Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher, as well as Christian Bale and Adam West, along with George Barris, the car customizer who built the 1966 Batmobile. The full length documentary also analyzed the importance of the Batmobile with all of its six incarnations. The Batmobile Documentary will be available over the holiday season as part of The Dark Knight Rises Blu Ray box set. In the meantime, you can catch a glimpse after the jump.