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Viva Speakers - Foldable Smartphone Speaker | By Jang Se-Chan

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Portable devices are becoming commonplace these days, making larger electronic goods such as radios, televisions, and even computers unpopular choices for our fast-paced society. Smartphones and tablets seem to be the gadgets of choice, and while their portability is favorable, their speaker systems could definitely use an upgrade. Viva Speakers, designed by Jang Se-Chan, aims to offer a solution by providing both portability and good sound. Inspired by a folding origami box, the aluminum and chrome body is designed to fold out in an instant. It is said to connect to the iPhone via a dock, Android phones via Bluetooth technology. Even though, by the looks of the images, these may still be at the concept stage, we would love to see it as a mass-produced product. via: psfk