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Audi QS3 | By ABT Sportsline

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If you were to do a quick search on the Internet, you would find that this model, the Audi QS3, does not exist. There is a simple explanation behind the mystery vehicle though. By retrofitting the standard Audi Q3, the German automaker's newest and smallest crossover design, tuner ABT Sportsline essentially built a new performance edition largely missed by Ingolstadt. First, ABT tweaked the three standard issue powerplants to squeeze out more horsepower. With an increase to 168 from the original 138 and 202 from the standard 174 for both TDI diesel options, the changes are even more obvious in the gasoline driven engines with the original 168 horsepower bumped up to 236 and 208 to 267. Then, the German-based ABT Sportsline did a complete exterior upgrade with the addition of a sportier body kit. Last but not least, a range of ABT branded alloy wheels will be available as well. via: CarScoop