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WALNUT STUDIOLO - Bicycle Frame Handle

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Although you may think your bike can take you wherever you need to go, let's face it: sometimes you're just going to have to hoof it for a while up the stairs, across some dicey terrain, or weave through a crowd. That's where the aptly named and simply designed Frame Handle from Walnut Studiolo comes in; mounting just above the front derailer and below the water bottle mounts, this ingenious little strap of leather turns your unwieldy machine into an easy to carry piece of gear. For urban riders, this is a must for going up and down stairs or on and off buses, freeing up one of your hands to flip through your phone while the other carries your bike in a more natural grip without it flopping all around. The project began on Kickstarter, ultimately blowing away their initial fundraising goal, but you can still get in on the ground floor on this one and secure your own for less than its expected retail price at their online shop. The handle will be available in black, honey, and dark brown and can even be custom monogrammed. More pics of the Frame Handle are after the jump, featured along with the brands other creative creations.