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adidas miCoach Elite System

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Over 3 months ago, soccer fans caught a glimpse of the future when adidas Soccer announced the creation of so-called "Smart Soccer", where by each player's performance can be track in real-time by the coaching staff on the sideline. Today, more information about that system came to light during a joint media summit in New York City. Hosted by officials from Major League Soccer (MLS), adidas, along with MLS Commissioner Don Garber and Herbert Hainer, CEO of adidas Groupe, the press event unveiled the adidas miCoach Elite, the next step in the fusion of science, technology, and sports.

adidas started the development process two years when it conducted interviews with the world's leading soccer players and coaches in understanding their needs on the pitch. What resulted was the adidas miCoach Elite, a virtual performance gauge with real-time data on each of the player out on the field. It functions much like a localized pager system, where a Data Cell, held by the player's soccer jersey in the back, transmit several key matrices, including heart rate, speed, acceleration, intensity, distance, and the new power output measurement.

The adidas miCoach Elite is heading to primetime for its debut on July 25th when MLS All-Star Team go up against Chelsea F.C. in Philadelphia.