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Horween Leather x VANS

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When the president of the Horween Leather Company decries the way in which the word "quality" has become diluted over the years, his words carry unique weight. After all, the celebrated tannery has operated out of the same location in Chicago for the past 91 years, under the principle that taking the time to slowly develop products makes them better in the long run. The insight comes courtesy of a conversation with Skip Horween himself, filmed by VANS Off the Wall TV. According to Skip, the philosophy behind Horween is to be the best at what they do -- not faster, or cheaper, but the best, without compromise. In referring to his collaboration with Vans, he refers to Horween as simply a part of the solution. Check out the video below, and you'll get a sense that Horween is a much bigger part of the story than Skip lets on.