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American Apparel Buys Warrior Of Radness | Video

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The current economic condition certainly makes a few odd bedfellows, the most recent being the purchase of Warriors of Radness by American Apparel. Announced over the weekend, many first thought the haphazard email, titled "We've Sold Out! The Battle is over but the WOR has just begun", as a prank from Rick Klotz, the founder of Warriors of Radness and FRESHJIVE. It became obvious quite soon that the acquisition indeed took place when WOR models appeared in a subsequent video with Dov Charney, the irrepressible chairman of American Apparel, as confirmation to the deal. Needless to say, many asked whether the deal was right considering American Apparel barely survived through the abysmal market condition earlier this year. But maybe the infusion of WOR's idiosyncratic collection is just what the brand really needs...

*NOTE* - Video contains NSFW materials