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PROJECT Show New York Williamsburg Garment Company - Spring 2013 | Preview

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At this week's PROJECT New York trade show, the Williamsburg Garment Company showed off its denim collection for Spring 2013, featuring "high quality designer garments available to purchase by the consumer at a thrifty price." Maurice Malone, founder, owner and head designer of the company, uses a quality-over-quantity philosophy, inspired by Apple's "Think Different" campaign. Malone started the brand with very little money, intent on using the small size of his company as an advantage: essentially, he employed a cash and carry business model, selling to the trade at a fraction of the industry standard mark-up so that the value is passed on to the customer. The design aesthetic is clean and simple, with unique branding limited to the coin pocket and interior waist band. The company is opening only one account per city, and is available in New York through Opening Ceremony. See more in the gallery below.