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Apple OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 | Available Now

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Not too many corporations today can claim an earning of US$ 8.8 billion dollars in one quarter. Yet when Apple announced exactly that amount after yesterday's closing bell, stock analysts were somewhat exasperated because it failed to meet estimates. But don't think the latest numbers will deter Cupertino a bit on their pace for innovation. Only hours after the earning report, Apple made latest update to its operating system, OS X, available. Designated as version 10.8, or "Mountain Lion", the update isn't just a "patch" on the already existing functions. Rather, there are about 200+ new features in Mountain Lion including notables like Notification Center, the new Messages, Reminder, Notes, and Sharing. Sounds familiar? This is because Apple incorporated some of the most popular elements from its iOS, the operating system for iPhone and iPad, to the new Mountain Lion, creating a nearly seamless user experience between all devices made by Apple. The best part, however, is that this major update is only US$ 20. Download your very own copy now through Apple App Store.

*NOTE* - While quite simple, depending on Internet connection speed and other variables, installation time might take up to an hour.