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FUTURA x Hennessy Very Special Cognac Limited Edition Bottle - Friends & Family Pack

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It was like any other inconspicuous knock at our office's door this afternoon, only the courier unveiled a specially marked package in black. And even before we saw its contents, we already knew that it was the much talked about FUTURA x Hennessy Very Special Cognac Limited Edition Bottle. Limited to only 200,000 bottles worldwide, each numbered accordingly for exclusivity, though the custom package we received was rarer still - a Friends & Family Special Edition that included a signed bottle by FUTURA himself plus a pair of black CONVERSE Chuck Taylor All Star High with paint splattered motif, a great juxtaposition between a classic and one soon to be. Look for the FUTURA x Hennessy Very Special Cognac Limited Edition Bottle, sans Friends & Family Pack, at select liquor and spirit stores near you in the coming weeks.

Photography by Yu-Ming Wu/Freshness

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