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Duracell Powermat Commercial | Featuring Jay-Z

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Although he now has a little baby girl at home relying on him, Jay-Z still finds the time to cameo in a new commercial for Duracell's on-the-go battery-charging Powermat. Set to the tune of "Run This Town," the commercial follows a young man taking full advantage of the Powermat's 24-hour device-charging capability at work, meeting a few friends for dinner, and finally at the club where he almost picks up an incoming call from Beyonce if it wasn't for Jay's ice-cold glare. Throughout the one-minute ad, the Powermat comes to the rescue, pumping juice back into digital devices of all kinds for individuals on the go. You can probably expect to see more collaborations between these two now that the ink has dried on Jay-Z's deal with the battery brand, appointing him as an investor and as the face behind the Powermat.