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Roberu - Micro 4/3 Camera Case

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Those who choose Micro 4/3 cameras do so to have DSLR photo quality while on the go, but without having to lug around a big get-up that makes them stand out from the locals. Unfortunately, there aren't as many versatile camera cases out there for these tiny photo powerhouses that do the same thing themselves; micro 4/3 camera owners need an option that looks good and still puts in the work just like their gadgets. Enter the Roberu Gun Holder-style camera case for SLR mirror-less camera's. Built with original Roberu leather with a smooth matte finish that adds a soft texture feelt, this camera case gives you quick-draw speed while still giving you the protection your gear needs from the elements and the stresses of travel. Available in camel, black, or dark brown with a matching belt and fitted cover, these are available now directly from Roberu's online shop.