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Apple iPhone 5 Announcement September 12th, 2012 | Rumor

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The month of July has not been kind to Apple. First the Cupertino-base electronic giant reported a revenue of $35.02 billion dollars and net income of $8.82 billion dollars for the fiscal third quarter of 2012, numbers that were well beyond the same period last year. Yet, they both failed to meet stock analysts' lofty expectation. Then, its chief rival Samsung announced a record fiscal quarter of $41.79 billion dollars, with a vast majority of profit coming from its smartphone sales, not to mention its new Galaxy S III Android phone broke the 10 million units mark in global sales. Perhaps these are the reasons behind Apple's decision for a major product announcement on Wednesday, September 12th, nearly a month earlier than the last major product release. While no one can be sure about the exact nature of the event. Given the momentum over leaked images and technical specification over the last few months, its almost for certain the event will be about the new iPhone. Images via: Martin Hajek