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DL Skateboards Interview By Cool Hunting | Video

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The couple behind DL Skateboards have always lived a life on the go. Having skateboarded most of their lives, recently the passion Lauren Andino and Derek Mabra feel for the sport and lifestyle has evolved into a unique custom, handmade skate deck design company whose workshop equates to a retrofitted box truck. Together, they create from plank to paint 60's era cruisers outside of a Brooklyn, NY apartment building that forms the perfect proving grounds for their products. Their work has gained them recognition in the already-crowded industry, but as long as there continues to be strong demand for boards made with an clear love and respect for the process, the world will have a place for a shop like DL Stakeboards. The crew from Cool Hunting caught up with DL Stakeboards before their move to California and captured a snippet of their world in the video after the jump. Check it out. via: Cool Hunting