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Liu Xiang x Nike Sportswear - The Dream Pack

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In unbearable pain from an injury, hurdler Liu Xiang made the decision to pull out of competition. But so upsetting was his early exit during the 2008 Beijing Olympics that Chinese television presenter cried when the announcement was made. Now, four years later, the 110-meter hurdle specialist is looking to fulfill a dream and a promise - to bring home a gold medal. As a show of their support, Nike Sportswear, along with Liu Xiang, designed the Dream Pack, a collection of t-shirts with bold graphics and dynamic colors for visibility. One other inclusion to the pack is the limited Nike Cortez specifically made for the occasion, a nod to Nike's heritage in the sports of track and field. The Dream Pack from Liu Xiang and Nike Sportswear is now available exclusively at select Nike storefronts in China. In the meantime, round 1 of 110-meter hurdle will take place next Tuesday, August 7th.