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NITRO CIRCUS: The Movie 3D - Official Trailer | Video

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Travis Pastrana and the whole NITRO CIRCUS crew are back, this time in an action-packed 3D film that will see them jumping a school bus, flipping cars, and jumping buildings -- you know, the usual. At this point you know to expect the unexpected, but you can always count on a good time watching them get some insane air, pull some ridiculous pranks, and just have a good time kickin' it together. And with the movie shot in 3D you'll feel like a member of craziness yourself laughing it up with Jolene Van Vugt, Erik Roner, Andy Bell, Greg Powell, and Jim DeChamp. The movie is set to release at select theaters August 8 and we have been able to just get our hands on the two new official trailers for the movie that give us just a taste of some of the biggest and best stunts the crew have attempted to-date. So mark your calendars, strap in, and click after the jump to view the trailers.