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LEGO MINDSTORMS - NASA Curiosity Mars Rover | By BattleBricks

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LEGO builders have a natural predilection for building iconic structures from fiction and reality, or a blending of the two. Certainly the NASA Curiosity Mars Rover seems like something out of science fiction, but after a picture-perfect landing the Rover is now on Mars, ready to send back possible evidence that the Red Planet once had the capability of harboring life. LEGO builders Doug Moran and Will Gorman built their own Mars Curiosity Rover for last year's Build the Future in Space event at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, constructed from thousands of LEGO Technic and MINDSTORMS bricks. Four of the six wheels are powered, enabling the Rover to make 360 degree turns through a NXT joystick designed by Philo Hurbain. The arm and mast, meanwhile, are controlled via a separate NXT via Bluetooth. Check out videos of the LEGO Rover in action below.