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Warcraft: The Movie - Coming In 2014 | Rumor

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In addition to fellow movie director Peter Jackson, Sam Raimi enjoyed a track record of success with his Spider-Man trilogy as the few movie franchises which accurately referenced its comic book origin. Still, the director of other cult hits like his Evil Dead Series and Drag Me to Hell might have his hands full he signed on to film Warcraft, the live action adaptation of world's most popular video game. Tapped by Legendary Pictures, the same folks behind Christopher Nolan's Batman/Dark Knight titles, Zack Snyder's 300, and the upcoming Superman: Man of Steel, the production company wants to jump start the project once again but without Raimi. Rumor around Hollywood last week that Raimi was let go as script doctor Charles Leavitt got on board to rewrite the project. And though there isn't a new director at the helm yet, Legendary Pictures already set the release date to be sometime in 2014. Get your hordes ready...