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The Akira Project - Live Action Trailer Based On Anime & Manga Classic

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It's surprising that Akira, the landmark 1988 animated film directed by Katsuhiro Otomo based on Otomo's manga of the same name, has never seen a live-action adaptation. Hollywood can't be faulted for a lack of effort -- numerous attempts to produce an Akira feature film have ended in abject failure, the most recent example occurring in 2011, in which Warner Bros. shut down filming in Vancouver for an adaptation that moved the story from Neo-Tokyo to Neo-Mahattan. CineGround, a small film production company out of Montreal, Quebec, has started a grassroots Web-based campaign to secure funding for a live-action trailer. In the words of producer and director Nguyen-Anh Nguyen, "We, as fans, felt like we ought to take a shot at making our own adaptation. A chance to stick as close to the source material as possible. A chance to do Akira Justice." The crew plans to shoot the trailer over four days in September 2012. Continue reading for a campaign video, then go here to learn more about the project. (You can also make a donation to help get the trailer made.)