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2013 Range Rover | Teaser

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We already knew that the 2013 Range Rover Sport Supercharged Limited Edition was coming; Land Rover was not shy about releasing shots and stats about their powerful V8 monster. But, when it comes to their flagship model, the 2013 Range Rover, the British company has been quite tight-lipped - that is, at least until these two new pictures leaked onto the web ahead of its possible unveiling at the Paris Motor Show. All of its major parts remain intact, but the designers looked to have rounded out the grille, made the headlamps more compact, and redesigned the slope of its roof. Industry experts expect the engine options to remain the same from last year, but the possibility of a hybrid or plug-in aren't off the table yet. Even if they don't go with the more green approach, its expected drop in weight from a new aluminum-intensive frame should improve its fuel efficiency. via: WorldCarFans