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Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee Jerry Seinfeld & Ricky Gervais | Video

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Perhaps growing restless in his semi-retirement, comedian Jerry Seinfeld is tackling a new challenge, the World Wide Web, with his new venture Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. The premise is awfully familiar to his sitcom fans - two comedians, driving in a different vintage car for each episode, in search of a cup of dark brew. Quite a boring concept and yet hilarity ensues each time. Since the 2012 London Olympics just ended, we decided to skip back an episode in honor of Austin-Healey 3000, a classic British import with revitalization plans on and off the rumor mill. Since he's driving a Brit classic, why not make it official with English comedian Ricky Gervais of The Office fame. But when Gervais nicknamed the scenario as "Mad Man in a Death Machine", the episode takes on a whole new dimension...