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LOGAN ZANE - Camouflage Leather Shoe Horn

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In the hustling and bustling world of trend-centric fashion, Greg Cummins was having difficulties finding a high quality bag for himself. So in 2010, the New York-base designer set out to create his own accessory label, LOGAN ZANE. Handmade with the best hardwares and Italian leather, Cummins' new label caught the attention of friend and mentor, Ouigi, the frontman of Brooklyn Circus. Soon after, the first collection of LOGAN ZANE was on display at PROJECT trade show.

Just ahead of the busy holiday shopping season and equally hectic New York Fashion Week, Cummins is introducing the new Leather Camouflage Shoe Horn from LOGAN ZANE. A metal base wrapped in supple Italian leather with camouflage print, the 8-inch shoe horn brings back a sense of yesteryears when fine dress style wasn't just an occasion but a norm. You can find the shoe horn for sale at LOGAN ZANE's online store for US$ 59.