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#CPHsignals – Send Morse Code Signals Through Twitter

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While the world continues to look toward a future full of virtual clouds and other wireless data transmission, three students from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design took on the task of renewing old maritime communication with the help of modern technology for their #CPHsignals project. Spurred to increase communication between two communities that are geographically close, but are physcially separated by water, the project takes SignalLamps and connects them to a graphical user interface that allows users to type their Twitter-length message into a device that translates them into a Morse code signal. The same interface is placed on the receiving side, which then decodes the message and displays it allowing the conversation to continue.  Anyone can use the iPad on either side of the harbor to send a message or, no matter where you are, can follow the on-going dialogue via each side’s own Twitter account, @signals_nyhavn and @signals_chavn. More pictures and a demonstration of the project, which was sponsored by Maritime Antiques, are after the jump.