The Inheritance Collection By Stephen Kenn

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There's reusing and refinishing old materials to breathe new life into them and then there's L.A.-based designer Stephen Kenn's latest collection, "The Inheritance." Using only reclaimed and deadstock WWII era materials, including old tents, bags, and parachutes, Kenn creates a line of home furnishing that are perfect for the man cave or the bachelor pad, comprised of couches, chase lounges, chairs and ottomans. In order to create each piece, Keen hand welds each frame before rusting and coating it with varnish to give them a marbled brown appearance. From there, he threads through webbing and leather straps to provide life-long support that still maintains each piece's original personality despite its new role. Ultimately, each piece has a utilitarian-meets-modern look that is unlike any other furnishing on the market. Check out the full collection and a video detailing the journey each piece takes after the jump.