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Instagram 3.0 | For iOS and Android Devices

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Knowing full well of its untapped potentials, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Founder of Facebook, brought Instagram, the photo sharing platform, for $1 Billion Dollars back in April. Today, we see the results of that acquisition coming to fruition with Instagram Version 3.0. The first thing you will see is the new user interface. While most of the icons have stayed in place for familiarity, many are larger and easier to access, especially for those with "large hands and digits". New User Profiles, Explore tab, Hashtag, and Location page, plus a brand new function, Photo Maps. Similar to geotagging, users can add photos to a provided map as way to organize images or categorize memorable moments. The photos can be from as recent as today to the ones you uploaded years ago, all can be share or be private.

A few other additions are Infinite Scroll to load all of your photos, a Reporting Users function to flag unruly Instagram user for abuse or spamming, and last but most important change of them all, a faster interface. To see the new Instagram 3.0 for yourself, simply download the upgrade today at Apple App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices. Follow us on Instagram: @freshnessmag