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Letter Opener by Bjarke Ballisager

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It could've been a bunch of old poems or love stories. Or perhaps it used to be a novel. Well, whatever it was (probably a bunch of old TPS reports), you'll never guess that this new Letter Opener by Bjarke Ballisager is made of post consumer recycled paper (well, at least the blade is). Created at the Brooklyn-based PLANT Design Studio, this Letter Opener has a wooden handle attached to a blade that pivots around a polished steel center screw allowing for safe storage when not ripping into envelopes. The blade, however, isn't the only environmentally friendly component: the handle itself is made of poplar wood native to New York while the smooth resin coating is 100% water-based created using cashew nut shells. The Letter Opener, which is available now at  PLANT Brooklyn's online and ETSY shop, is the perfect gift idea for the sustainable paper shuffler in your life.