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Virgin Limited Edition - Necker Nymph Underwater Airplane

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There are dreamers and then there are doers. Virgin Limited Edition founder Sir Richard Branson has always been a lot of both. His latest project takes his company's superiority in the skies down into the salty blue with his new underwater aircraft called the Necker Nymph. Essentially a three-person aero-submarine, this "open air" craft is designed to "fly" through the ocean like a plane would down to depths of 30 meters, giving its passengers quite the ride. Designed and built by Graham Hawkes, Branson is reportedly the first to call one his own and if you ever get a chance to stay at his Virgin Limited Edition Necker Belle private resort, make sure to bring the $25,000 it'll take to rent it for the week. What will this man think of next?

via: PSFK