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LEGO PMD - An Inside Look

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There's having fun at work. And then there's LEGO's Denmark office, built to spark your imagination, encourage collaboration, and to allow you to get from the second to the first floor via a metal playground-inspired slide. Designed by Rosan Bosch and Rune Fjord in 2010, the open floorplan of this office in Billund incorporates block-like displays, model-building tables, and a library of Lego pieces mixed in among bright hues, from pink to yellow and blue. For Lego lovers of all ages, their Product Marketing and Development (PMP) Division is where all the magic happens; new editions and extensions are born every day so its only fitting that this 80 year old company gets an office fitting the level of creativity and imagination of its staff. Traditional offices still are far off from this amount of design and color, but it is still inspiring to see the evolution of office culture away from rows of cubicles. View more shots of the amazing office design after the jump. via: psfk