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New Balance Book | By HOUYHNHNM

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New Balance certainly has been making excellent things happen in recent times--from being a favorite amongst hardcore sneaker fiends, to becoming the focus of attention from high-profile brands and shops by continually producing high-caliber collaboration sneakers. If you are new to this classic athletic footwear brand, don't fret, as online magazine HOUYHNHNM has compiled the first-ever book on New Balance.

The publication covers the latest sneakers from their Fall/Winter 2012 collection, as well as articles by 20 of the most prominent New Balance aficionados in Japan. Participants include Hirofumi Kurino (United Arrows), Takayuki Fujii (nonnative), Shinichiro Nakahara (Landscape Products), Yoshifumi Egawa (HECTIC), and other notable contributors. Head over to your nearest Japanese book store or jump onto the special HOUYHNHNM page to order a copy.