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VICE x Incase - Picture Perfect: Chris Anderson | Video

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The latest episode in VICE and Incase's Picture Perfect series that we previewed earlier in the month that delves into the artistic world of photographer Chris Anderson has arrived. Anderson first earned world-wide recognition when he joined a group of Haitian refugees trying to sail to America in 2000, capturing the lives and the stories behind the travelers. And while that boat they were riding in sank in the Caribbean, his work helped to raise awareness for  the conditions that people like those he sailed with faced each day. Since then, Anderson has also photographed the conflicts in Afghanistain, Iraq, Lebanon, and Isreal and has helped to capture the rise of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela in 2004. Ultimately, Anderson's career is more than just being in the right place at the right time; his ability to cross genres and seek out opportunities to document art, people, and events in new and evolving ways sets him apart from others in the field. You can view the entire episode, which explores Anderson's work and perspectives, as well as enjoy a sampling of his work after the jump.