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Instacube - Android-Based Digital Picture Frame for Instagram Photos | By D2M

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You know you're on to something good when you've almost reached your KICKSTARTER pledge goal only a few days into your campaign. Created by Design to Matter (D2M) and launched on August 21, Instacube breaths new life into the digital photo frame product line by offering a way to display your Instagram feed in real time, including all your favorite Instagram photo filters. However, the box-like Instacube is more than just pretty to look at: it features a touch-screen display, tactile buttons, and Wi-Fi connectivity powered by a rechargeable battery. Multiple users can send photos to any cube they have access to, allowing you and your friends and family to instantly be connected. Photos can be also be sorted and saved for viewing later or you can choose to toggle through different feeds by hashtag. If you want to find out more about how to get in on the ground floor of the Instacube, you better act fast. Head to their KICKSTARTER Campaign page to learn more.