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Apple vs. Samsung - Patent Infringement Lawsuit: Verdict - Samsung Guilty, Apple Awarded With $1,051,855,000 In Damages

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Originally thought to take place next week due to the case's complexity, the nine-person jury in Apple's patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung told U.S. District Court Judge Lucy H. Koh that they have a verdict only after three days of deliberation at the Federal Court building in San Jose, California.

Already ongoing since Spring of 2011, the patent war between Apple and Samsung took place not just in the U.S. alone but in nine other countries. Things gotten even more contentious in April of this year when an order by U.S. court asked the two electronic giants to settle their differences.. Instead, both sides lobbied even more accusations and by July of this year, there were more 50 active lawsuits worldwide.

As the Judge Koh still confirming the jury's decision over a series of questionnaire at this very moment, particularly on the 50+ cellphones and tablets produced by Samsung that Apple claimed to have benefited from the patent infringement, the verdict was heavily in favor of Apple. The seven-men, two-women jury found Samsung guilty in almost all charges and awarded Apple US$ 1,051,855,000 in damages.

The battle is far from over. The Samsung's legal team is sure to file an appeal soon against the decision, plus there are the other lawsuits currently ongoing elsewhere around the world. But for now, the score board has Apple 1, Samsung 0...