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Quikdraw - An Innovative Camera Lens Holster | By Riley Kimball

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Except those in the upper echelon of the field like Bruce Weber and Annie Leibovitz, most photographers work without the benefits of assistants. This means lugging around multiple gears weighing around 50 pounds on average at all time. To lessen some of those cumbersome equipment, engineer Riley Kimball devised the Quikdraw camera lens holster system. Streamlines a photographer's workflow during an assignment, Quikdraw allows you to carry all your lens on an innovative carrying system. Unlike the traditional "lens pouch" design, Quikdraw's unit functions as both a rear lens cap and a carrier, thus eliminate the constant searching and fumbling around. And because its made from high-grade aircraft aluminum, each Quikdraw unit can hold up to 20 lbs.

What started as a personal project, Kimball is now planning to bring Quikdraw to the masses with a full production run. This is where you can help. By pledging an amount, however small, to its KICKSTARTER page, this innovative camera lens holster system will be closer in becoming a full fledged product available at a camera store nearby you.