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Apple iPad Mini Announcement - October 2012 | Rumor

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One of Steve Jobs' lasting legacy was his showmanship during product presentations. Not unlike that of P. T. Barnum over a century ago, Jobs' uncanny talent to enthrall audience members, even over the most mundane technical specification, is one hard to replicate...or not. According to Wall Street Journal's AllThingsD outfit, Apple along with the company's current CEO Tim Cook will be hosting back-to-back product releases during the months of September and October. First is to unveil the next generation iPhone on September 12 in still unannounced event. Immediately afterwards, Apple will launch the so-called "iPad Mini". A few media sources in Asia also mentioned the exact size of iPad Mini to be 7.85", after several casings appeared. Of course, as usual protocol, Apple spokesperson declined to comment.

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