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Merrell - Made in Japan: 100 New Design Products Book

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The Japanese have never allowed a shortage of space to deprive them of quality, functionality, and style. Instead of presenting a barrier, Japanese designers drive forward to create products that are sustainable, interchangeable, and enriching. In her latest book, Made in Japan, American architect Naomi Polluck selects 100 products that embody this spirit, profiling objects that maintain their historical craftsmanship, but nonetheless evolve along with more contemporary styles and use. In the book, Pollock gives a brief history of Japanese design before delving into a journey told by 100 products - from sandals to coat hanger and scissors - that express ingenuity and aesthetic genius. It doesn't hurt that the photos and layout themselves are gorgeous, too. Made in Japan, available for pre-order now from Amazon, is well worth a look.  It will ship the same day it becomes available, September 18, 2012.

Release Date: September 18, 2012 (Tuesday)

via: CoolHunting