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Hamilton Scotts - En-Suite Sky Garage Luxury Apartments | Singapore

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There is a basic rule of thumb when living in a dense urban jungle like New York City - that for every drive in the city, you need allocate 30 minutes or more to look for parking. The alternative is to empty out your wallet for a private car park. KOP Properties, a real estate developer in Singapore might have the solution in the form of an en-suite sky garage at its Hamilton Scotts development. Simply pull into a car elevator on the ground floor, enter your own apartment number along with the necessary biometric identification. The automated system will do the rest by shuttling your car up and into your living room, quite literally. Of course, this luxury won't be cheap at all. The average price for an apartment with two parking spaces is around $7.5 million dollars while the penthouse unit with its four-car garage is priced at $24 million dollars.

Though Leny Suparman, CEO of KOP Properties, claimed the en-suite sky garage at the Hamilton Scotts luxury apartments to be the world's first, the system is actually not new. 200 Eleventh Avenue, a luxury condominium on the edge of New York City's artsy Chelsea neighborhood, claimed to fame last year for its en-suite sky garage system. Purportedly, actress Nicole Kidman and her country singer/husband Keith Urban brought a unit there, so they can enter and leave their home without the prying eyes of the paparazzi.