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Totem Industries - Sustainable Workwear Project | By Josh Holleb

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Josh Holleb, founder of Totem Industries, is a self-described "dabbler." From building sustainable homes, to organic farming, and backcountry skiing, to running Totem Industries and creating his own clothing line, the string that connects all these passions is a desire to make an impact on the world while leaving it better than he found it. Based in Boulder, CO, Totem Industries is one of the latest KICKSTARTER projects making waves with their new line of organic workwear, which includes the Jack Workshirt, the Nomad Workpant, the Townie Pant and Short, a koozie cap, and a range of tees for the ladies, all made with only recycled, natural, and organic fabrics. As they put it, "If the fabric doesn't have a cool story, we won't use it," and it doesn't get any cooler than a winter cap made from recycled wetsuits. To learn more about Totem Industries and to pre-order some of their gear, chck out their Kickstarter homepage.