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Acoustic Anarchy - A solo exhibition by Sabotage

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Presented by FLABSAB, Acoustic Anarchy is the first solo exhibition featuring the work of Mr. and Mrs. Sabotage (SBTG), also known as Mark Ong and Sue-Anne Lim. Beginning has a hobby and catching fire after winning a Nike sneaker design competition, Ong's work on sneaker designs have developed into a signature style that has earned him a place in the sneaker hall of fame and products on the feet of Kobe, Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn of Linkin Park. For over ten years, the SBTG brand has combined hand-made artistry with rugged and unique materials to create sneakers and streetwear that represent true originality, grit, and individuality. Acoustic Anarchy brings together 10 years worth of this work, showing some of the best pieces, the inspirations behind their design, and a glimpse into the future of their brand. The event will also see the launch of Vault Assault, a creative platform to drive artist awareness, powered by v.a.u.l.t., a formative progressive pop culture online magazine. Doors open this Friday, August 31, and will be open daily until September 9, 2012. Admission is free. View a trailer and the promo information after the hop.

Acoustic Anarchy
Unit 13
Lorong 24A Geylang | Map
Singapore 398537

Opening Night Event: August 31, 2012 (Friday) | 7 pm