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Pelican - Crushproof Wallet

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We hope never encounter a situation where you need to protect your personal effects to this degree, but Pelican's ProGear Sport Wallet is ready to secure your cards, keys, and cash from the harshest of environments. As part of an ever-growing line-up of ProGear products that allow you to protect all that you value, this wallet is designed using the same professional-grade and durable materials as Pelican's other case products, giving you a crushproof and water-resistant wallet also capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and conditions. The wallet uses an easy-open latch with two internal mesh pockets capable of storing up to 12 cards, while its lanyard gives you the option of tying it down or clipping it to a carabiner. The wallet itself is built from ABS material, which is capable of maintaining its shape without getting dented or scratched like others on the market. The Pelican ProGear wallet is available now for $29.95 at the brand's online shop. via: gizmag