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Apple iPhone 5 - Completely New Headphones-Earphones | Rumor

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Since we're on the topic of high fidelity, here is how the new headphones for Apple's upcoming iPhone 5 might look like. Technically earbuds or earphones, photos and a brief video were uploaded over the weekend on Vietnamese tech blog Said to be in production at Foxconn manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, the new earphones are smaller and shaped for a comfortable fit. Another change is the microphone, which is now up and closer to jawline. There are a few more "mysterious voids" along the outer edge of the earbuds. Could they be omni-directional microphones to enhance iPhone's video record capability? Guess we will have to wait for two more weeks for the official details from Apple...







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Translated Text:

The headset comes the iPhone / iPod is probably one of the most popular headset in the world in terms of number of sales. If clear, then perhaps we have more than a hundred million units this kind of headphones on the market, so Apple will have to be very careful when considering replacing them. There is a sad thing that comes iDevices headset sound quality is not very good though wearing feeling quite comfortable. I just have on hand an earpiece headset is for the new generation of Apple for the iPhone 5 as well as the next generation iPod. Have not been able to confirm that this is the official product or not but I personally feel the complete quality of this product is too high for China to imitation.

Headphones that I have on hand has a more compact design compared to current headphones, look, it may seem like an alien monster monster but wear love, it is quite light in weight and small in the ear without causing discomfort. IPod headphones before I can not wear half an hour (the foreigners will have more) but with his ear worn nearly six hour flight without stars. However, until now I still do not know it is in form of ear or earbud, it looks like it is between these two types. Headphone is not long enough to penetrate into print as ear but not necessarily outside the ear bud. With such little penguin design, this headset does not have good noise resistance (even more than the old ears), but slightly wider soundstage with in ear headphones, music sensation around difficult bear in mind.

Looking at the outside, you will see new headset design one speaker on each side as the old headset but when the macro you will see a small bar compartment between the headset. I hope that Apple will not use the 2 speakers on each side in a universal headset but maybe they have reason to make these changes. The sound quality of his ears are better, clearer sound, more channels and separate a little but the volume was reduced compared to the old headset about 1-1.5 hiccups. New ear's bass is more powerful than the old ears but maybe some of you will not be satisfied with the reduced volume as mentioned above. I do not know all the other headphones are like that or just held their ears as nonetheless this is still not official products.

If you want to know if this is true or not, headphones maybe we have to wait until Apple introduced the new iPhone, and now it stands at speculation. All factors such as design, quality finishing materials fabricated wire, plastic body headphones are led to the conclusion this is genuine and not counterfeit headphones. Moreover, if you look carefully you will see these headphones solid color, create a sense of raw blocks not separated 2 array as the old headset, a prerequisite that Apple always pursuing.