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Miharayasuhiro Marble Sole Boots


If you've been following Mirhara Yasuhrio, you know this designer knows how to reinvent footwear (case in point: the Puma MY-G1 Python), which has been a passion of his since 1994. But, even though his apparel line now draws the most attention to his name, the Python isn't the last of this season's uniquely restyled footwear from this label. All business up top and wild underneath, Miharayasuhiro's latest Marble Sole Boots could be a reflection of its wearer or just be the right amount of flair for your look for the day. (Or both.) The classic, brogue look of the black patent leather upper is contrasted by a vibrant-designed white and red marbled sole. A black stitched welt and black boot laces finish the look. The boot is currently available from RESTIR for a price of ï¿¥51,450 JPY (approximately $656 USD).

9-7-4 Akasaka | Map
Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan