BMW 3-Series Coupe - TM concept30 Retro Styling Body Kits | By TMCars

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Produced between 1982 and 1990, the E30 variant, which most will remember as the boxy predecessor of today's BMW 3-Series Coupe, is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its introduction. To coincide with the occasion, Hungary's TMCars design studio put forth an interesting proposition. Rather than a costly tear-down and build-up for full E30 restoration, TMCars conceptualized a body kit instead to update the vehicle's appearance. Named the TM concept30, there will only be 12 panelings in each kit and retains three crucial BMW characteristics:

- The shoulder line which runs from the headlamps along the sides to the taillamps.
- The line on the lower side of the body which connects the front intakes with the exhaust outlets.
- The body wideline in between, which shapes the front and the rear bumpers, and runs along the sides as a fine edge

Other key characteristics include reshaped front lights, from round to forms with accommodating trapezoid LED outlines. A similar silhouette is on the rear lights as well. TMCars is also think about offering a race version of the kit with a wider C-pillar and wheel arches. Though these are just renderings, TMCars stated that both kits have already met European safety standards and set for production soon.



















TMCARS is proud to present the first production-ready concept of the design studio. The TM concept30 is a design study which has been developed with the aim of producing not only a series of images but a concept which can even be produced and used on the roads.

As a design concept it reaches back to the BMW e30 becuse this car has a really good reputation even today, and many are still in use not only on roads but in different racing championships. Also the original debut of the e30 dates back to 1982, so it is celelbrating its 30th birthday this year.
For the design the major task was to keep the original character of the e30 but make it an up-to-date car. Besides it is a study also on how BMW design could have evolved if they hadn\'t changed to \'flame surfacing\' and the following evolution of the concave-convex styling of the cars. In fact, the TM concept30 follows the traditional \'german\' school, where the lines are more logical and clearer. This can be seen all over the body, which has kept the three main character lines of the original e30: the shoulder line which runs from the headlamps along the sides to the taillamps. The line on the lower side of the body which connects the front intakes with the exhaust outlets, and the body wideline inbetween, which shapes the front and the rear bumpers, and runs along the sides as a fine edge. Beside the main lines the TM concept30 features some classical elements which have been gone from modern cars, but which were commonly used in the \'80s for their useful function: on the side of the car the rubber stripes were very strong stylistical elements of the design, and also protected the doors from damage. Also the rear mudguards were common and useful. The concept uses the same elements in a modern interpretation, where they still have the useful function and with the refreshed look these parts add classical touches to the concept. The TM concept30 features some clearly modern elements such as the front bumper intake with the satin coloured black dividing inserts, or the restyled headlamps, where the classical two rounded DRL lights have been reshaped to two intersecting trapeziod LED stripes. As mentioned before, the whole design is aimed to create a modern version of the e30 and to create a \'modern classic\' with out-of-todays trends styling.

TM concept30 in not only a concept car on \'paper\' but it was designed right from the beginning with the possibility of a small production. For adding more than the styling relationship with the e30, the design was based on the chassis of the BMW classic. This way the TM concept30 can be manufactured and shipped as a full - 12 pieces - bodykit for the original e30, the new bodypanels replace or attach onto the original bodypanels of any e30 coupe. Installing the bodykit to the original e30 is the easiest way of having a modern looking classic.

Knowing that many people use their e30 based racecars in many championships still nowadays, the TM concept 30 was created in two different versions: the street version keeps all the roof and the glasses of the original e30 coupe, and the wheel arches are designed for the original suspension with a slightly widened rim or with small spacers. The race version however keeps all windows of the original, but the C pillar is wider - just as on the original M3 - and the wheelarches can be custom-made for any suspension and wheel geometry that is used on the racecar. It is important to stress out that both versions were designed to comply with the IVA M1 category regulations, so they can be used on-road as well after the approval of the modifications*.
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*In some countries the local regulations for road vehicles can be different and/or more strict than the IVA regulations so in those cases the modified body might not be applied for use on public roads. Please make sure to check the local regulations for modified cars before purchase of the bodykit if you want to use the car on public roads as the manufacturer does not take responsability for complying with the regulations and does not refund the price in such case.